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The 88th Annual Academy Awards Betting Odds – Oscars 2016

10 May 2023

Event Date

The 88th Annual Academy Awards will take place on 28 February 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. The formal ceremony will begin at 5:30 p.m. PST. The ceremony (commonly referred to as Oscars) will be televised in the United States by ABC (The American Broadcasting Company).

Betting The Event

BetBreakingNews.com is tracking and reporting on all betting odds available from licensed bookmakers on the 88th Annual Academy Awards. Scroll down on this page to the BBN Tiles that will transport you to the best betting options related to the 88th Academy Awards.

Event Research Links

Wikipedia is a reliable and invaluable resource for accessing accurate past, present & future information related to the annual Academy Awards ceremony commonly known as the Oscars. Start with these pages: “88th Academy Awards”, “Academy Awards” & “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences”.

Check out the official web pages focused on the 88th Annual Academy Awards and of course, OSCARS.ORG.

In order to beat your bookmaker and win your 88th Annual Academy Awards bets, consider using Google News Alerts. This tool provides you the best possible chance to obtain inside information on important Oscars related info & be ahead of the mainstream news cycle. Your success winning bets depends on your creative abilities using keywords around everything Oscars 2016 and the 88th Annual Academy Awards. Another essential tool for punters focused on betting exotic entertainment bets is Twitter. The best journalists in the world use Twitter to uncover news making it an essential tool if you expect to be in front breaking news on anything related to 2016 Oscars. You can connect to Twitter on your PC, Mobile & Tablet devices.


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