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The 2024 ESPY Awards: Sportsman of the year

Category Awards
Tracking Started05 Jul 2024
Last Updated05 Jul 2024 16:57 UTC
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1 1Implied Projected WinnerCaitlin Clark Wins - Yes 71.43% 1.4 1.400
2 1Implied Projected WinnerAja Wilson Wins - Yes 26.67% 3.75 3.750
3 1Implied Projected WinnerCoco Gauff Wins - Yes 9.52% 10.5 10.500
4 1Implied Projected WinnerNelly Korda Wins - Yes 8.33% 12 12.000
The ESPY Awards (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards) is an annual event created by ESPN to celebrate the year's greatest achievements in sports. Since its inception, the ESPYs have become a prestigious platform where athletes from around the world gather to be recognized for their outstanding performances, sportsmanship, and contributions both on and off the field. The 2024 ESPY Awards promise to be a memorable occasion, blending glitz and glamour with heartfelt tributes and inspirational stories. Held at the iconic Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, the event will bring together top athletes, coaches, celebrities, and sports fans for a night filled with anticipation, excitement, and celebration of athletic excellence.

Event Details

  • Date: July 10, 2024
  • Location: Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, California
  • Time: 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT
  • Broadcast Channel: ABC

Nominees for Sportswoman of the Year

The Sportswoman of the Year is one of the most anticipated awards at the ESPYs. Based on the performances and achievements in the past year, here are some of the leading contenders for the 2024 Sportswoman of the Year:
  1. Simone Biles (Gymnastics)
    • Achievements: Made a triumphant return to competition, winning multiple medals at the World Championships and solidifying her status as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time.
  2. Naomi Osaka (Tennis)
    • Achievements: Won several high-profile tournaments, including a Grand Slam title, and used her platform to advocate for mental health awareness.
  3. Megan Rapinoe (Soccer, OL Reign)
    • Achievements: Led her team to success in the NWSL, continued to be a prominent voice for equality and social justice, and performed exceptionally well on the international stage.
  4. Katie Ledecky (Swimming)
    • Achievements: Dominated in the pool, breaking world records and winning multiple gold medals at international competitions.
  5. Breanna Stewart (Basketball, Seattle Storm)
    • Achievements: Delivered outstanding performances in the WNBA, leading her team to the playoffs and earning numerous individual accolades.

Predictions for Sportswoman of the Year

While the final decision rests with the voters, Simone Biles is a strong contender for the Sportswoman of the Year award. Her remarkable comeback and continued dominance in gymnastics have set her apart in 2024. However, the competition is fierce, and any of the nominees could take home the prestigious award based on their incredible achievements.

Staying Informed

To stay updated on the 2024 ESPY Awards, follow these sources:
  • Official ESPY Awards Website: for official announcements, nominee lists, and event details.
  • ESPN: Watch ESPN's coverage for in-depth analysis, interviews, and highlights leading up to the event.
  • Social Media: Follow ESPN on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for real-time updates and exclusive content.
  • Sports News Outlets:
    • Sports Illustrated: for articles and features on the nominees and the event.
    • Bleacher Report: for predictions, analysis, and fan perspectives.
    • CBS Sports: for expert opinions and coverage of the awards.
The 2024 ESPY Awards will celebrate the finest moments and athletes in sports over the past year. With a star-studded lineup of nominees and an exciting event planned, it promises to be a night to remember. Whether you're a die-hard sports fan or simply appreciate excellence in athletics, the ESPYs offer a captivating blend of competition, entertainment, and inspiration. Stay tuned through the mentioned sources to catch all the action and see who takes home the coveted Sportswoman of the Year award.
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