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Betting on Tennis WAGs: Who will be engaged in 2024?

Category Celebrity
Tracking Started09 Jul 2024
Last Updated09 Jul 2024 16:49 UTC
BT Mod #2554
Bet Popularity175
# Bet options Chance to win Odds Change Odds
1 1Implied Projected WinnerMaria Gimenez & Carlos Alcaraz Garfia - Yes 28.57% 3.5 3.500
2 1Implied Projected WinnerAyan Broomfield & Frances Tiafoe - Yes 25% 4 4.000
3 1Implied Projected WinnerMorgan Riddle & Taylor Harry Fritz - Yes 23.81% 4.2 4.200
4 1Implied Projected WinnerPaige Lorenze & Tommy Paul - Yes 16.67% 6 6.000
5 1Implied Projected WinnerHannah Del Sasso & Thansi Kokkinakis - Yes 16.67% 6 6.000
6 1Implied Projected WinnerCosteen Hatzi & Nick Kyrgios - Yes 14.29% 7 7.000

Tennis WAGs Expected to Get Engaged in 2024

The world of tennis is not only about thrilling matches and championship titles but also about the captivating personal lives of its stars. Tennis WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) often share the spotlight with their athlete partners, adding to the allure and intrigue of the sport. In 2024, several high-profile tennis couples are expected to take their relationships to the next level with potential engagements. These couples, often featured in the media and social platforms, are followed closely by fans and sports enthusiasts alike.

Featured Couples

Maria Gimenez & Carlos Alcaraz Garfia

  • Carlos Alcaraz Garfia: Rising tennis star from Spain, known for his impressive performances and potential future dominance in the sport.
  • Maria Gimenez: Known for her presence at Carlos's matches and supportive role in his career.
  • Engagement Speculation: The couple has been seen together frequently, sparking rumors of an upcoming engagement.

Ayan Broomfield & Frances Tiafoe

  • Frances Tiafoe: American tennis player celebrated for his energetic playing style and breakthrough performances.
  • Ayan Broomfield: Fellow tennis player and Frances's supportive partner, often seen cheering him on from the stands.
  • Engagement Speculation: Their long-term relationship and public appearances hint at a possible engagement.

Morgan Riddle & Taylor Harry Fritz

  • Taylor Harry Fritz: Prominent American tennis player known for his strong performances on the ATP tour.
  • Morgan Riddle: Influencer and fashion enthusiast who shares glimpses of their life together on social media.
  • Engagement Speculation: The couple’s frequent social media updates and close bond suggest an engagement might be on the horizon.

Paige Lorenze & Tommy Paul

  • Tommy Paul: Up-and-coming American tennis player known for his tenacity and growing success on the court.
  • Paige Lorenze: Social media personality and lifestyle influencer who often accompanies Tommy to his matches.
  • Engagement Speculation: Their visible affection and shared moments fuel engagement rumors.

Hannah Del Sasso & Thanasi Kokkinakis

  • Thanasi Kokkinakis: Australian tennis player with a strong following due to his skill and charismatic personality.
  • Hannah Del Sasso: Known for her support and presence in Thanasi’s life, both personally and professionally.
  • Engagement Speculation: The couple’s strong relationship and public appearances indicate a potential engagement.

Costeen Hatzi & Nick Kyrgios

  • Nick Kyrgios: Australian tennis star famous for his talent and outspoken nature.
  • Costeen Hatzi: Known for her stylish presence and support of Nick, often seen with him at events.
  • Engagement Speculation: Their close relationship and frequent social media posts suggest they might be planning to get engaged.

Keeping Up with the News

To stay updated on the latest news about these couples and their potential engagements, follow these sources:
  • Social Media: Follow the players and their partners on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for real-time updates and personal posts.
  • Official Tennis Websites: ATP Tour and WTA Tour for official news and player profiles.
  • Sports News Outlets:
    • ESPN: for comprehensive tennis coverage and personal stories.
    • BBC Sport: for updates on players and major events.
    • for in-depth articles and features on tennis stars and their lives.
  • Celebrity News Sites:
    • People: for coverage of celebrity relationships and engagements.
    • TMZ: for breaking news and gossip about celebrities, including athletes.

Reputable Articles

  1. ESPN: Love Match: Tennis Stars and Their Relationships
    • This article explores the relationships of top tennis players and the significant others who support them.
  2. Sports Illustrated: Tennis WAGs: The Women Behind the Champions
    • A detailed look at the personal lives of tennis stars and the influential partners who stand by them.
  3. People: Tennis Couples We Love: Who's Next to Get Engaged?
    • A feature on the most popular tennis couples and speculation about potential engagements.


As we head into 2024, the tennis world is abuzz with speculation about potential engagements among its stars. These high-profile couples not only capture the attention of sports fans but also attract widespread media interest. Stay tuned to the sources mentioned above for the latest news and updates on these exciting developments.
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