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Betting Buzz: Who Will Take the Crown in Traitors Season 3?

Category Television
Tracking Started10 Jul 2024
Last Updated10 Jul 2024 03:30 UTC
BT Mod #2564
Bet Popularity175
# Bet options Chance to win Odds Change Odds
1 1Implied Projected WinnerNikki Bella - Yes 14.29% 7 7.000
2 1Implied Projected WinnerRob Mariano - Yes 11.76% 8.5 8.500
3 1Implied Projected WinnerJeremy Collins - Yes 11.11% 9 - 9.000
4 1Implied Projected WinnerBritney Haynes - Yes 11.11% 9 9.000
5 1Implied Projected WinnerLord Ivar Mountbatten - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
6 1Implied Projected WinnerBob Harper - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
7 1Implied Projected WinnerDorinda Medley - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
8 1Implied Projected WinnerDolores Catonia - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
9 1Implied Projected WinnerChanel Ayan - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
10 1Implied Projected WinnerTom Sandoval - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
11 1Implied Projected WinnerSam Asghari - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
12 1Implied Projected WinnerRobyn Dixon - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
13 1Implied Projected WinnerGabby Widney - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
14 1Implied Projected WinnerCiara Miller - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
15 1Implied Projected WinnerDylan Efron - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
16 1Implied Projected WinnerWells Adams - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
17 1Implied Projected WinnerCarolyn Wiger - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
18 1Implied Projected WinnerChrishell Stause - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
19 1Implied Projected WinnerDanielle Reyes - Yes 9.09% 11 - 11.000
20 1Implied Projected WinnerTony Vlachos - Yes 9.09% 11 11.000
21 1Implied Projected WinnerBob The Drag Queen - Yes 7.69% 13 13.000

Event Information:

The hit reality competition show "Traitors" is back for its thrilling third season, and the stakes have never been higher. Contestants are once again pitted against each other in a game of strategy, deception, and alliances, all vying for the coveted title of the ultimate Traitor. As the season progresses, fans and betting enthusiasts are eagerly speculating on who will outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition to emerge as the winner.

Betting platforms are buzzing with activity, offering odds on the remaining contestants. Will a cunning strategist take the crown, or will an underdog rise to the occasion? The excitement is palpable, and everyone is eager to place their bets on who will be the last one standing.

Social media is a hotbed of speculation and analysis, with fans dissecting every move and alliance. The anticipation is building, and the burning question is: Who will be crowned the champion of Traitors Season 3?

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Keep in mind that the more you know about "Traitors" the bettor your odds! You want to stay up to date with all any breaking news regarding the show! You can start by watching this exciting show by clicking here

As the competition heats up, the excitement surrounding the winner of Traitors Season 3 continues to captivate fans and betting enthusiasts alike. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the show, a betting aficionado, or simply love a good reality TV showdown, this is one event you won't want to miss. Stay tuned for more updates and place your bets wisely. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast to become the ultimate Traitor? Only time will tell, and you might just be the lucky one to guess correctly and win big!

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