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Betmod 87981
Close Date 1 Oct 2020
Open Time Remaining

Big Brother Australia Host

Big Brother Australia 2020

Betmod 87981
Category Entertainment
Betting Company Sportbet Australia
Main Betting Market Australia
Tracking Started 3 Oct 2019
Last Updated 9 Nov 2019 12:11 UTC
Bet Popularity 43

Projection Chart

Projection Chart Here

This projection chart for BetMod 87981 shows the Top 5 wagering options for "Big Brother Australia Host" at 2021-12-04 11:15:37. The current order displaying on the Chart above is "Sonia Kruger"as the projected winner and "Chrissie Swan" is in second place. "Gretel Killeen" is in 3rd place right now,"Grant Denyer" is showing up at 4th from the topand "Jackie O." is in 5th place.