Sunday 13 October 2019 11:38 PM UTC

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Betmod 87994
Bet Close Date 9 Nov 2019
Bet Open time Remaining
Titanbet image

Outright WinnerCelebrity X Factor : Entertainment

Status OPEN
Category Entertainment
Betting Company Titanbet
Betting Company Type FP
Main Betting Market United Kingdom
Tracking Started 7 Oct 2019
Last Updated 14 Oct 2019 00:10 UTC
Betmod Popularity 1
# Bet Options Chance to Win Change Decimal Fractional U.S.

This is BetMod number 87994 and is featuring a bet offered by the Titanbet Betting Company. This wager is from'’s Entertainment Category of bets & is about Celebrity X Factor and Outright Winner. As of 2019-10-14 00:03:36 the implied projected winner of this betting event is "Max and Harvey" and has a 25% of winning. The projected winner’s current betting odds offered by Titanbet are at: Decimal 4, Fractional 3/1 and USA Format +300.

As of 2019-10-14 00:03:36, if a Titanbet customer were to wager €100 on "Max and Harvey" they would win "€300" if this option is the winner. The highest return on €100 is the betting option "Cole and Edwards" and pay-out "€5000" if it wins. started tracking this bet 2019-10-07 21:03:27 and there is approximately 27 days remaining to wager on this bet. The current status is officially OPEN. It should be noted that Titanbet's primary group of customers are in United Kingdom.

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